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Stay Connected
Stability + Control
Multiple Heights

Stay Connected

Verge stool by Steelcase

Dynamic Seating

Clinicians’ work is highly varied and dynamic, and the ability to connect easily with others is key.

The Verge stool offers a convenient, comfortable and quick place to sit for eye-to-eye conversations and care procedures in exam and treatment areas. As a desk- or counter-height seat, it supports comfort and collaboration in clinician workspaces.

Verge is easy to approach from any angle and moves with clinicians on glides or casters while providing rest for weary feet.


Quick Respite + Communication

Clinicians spend a lot of time on their feet. A convenient, easy-to-approach seat can support quick tasks and provide brief but important moments of respite.

Two-way learning is essential for effective healthcare. With eye-to-eye seating, clinicians can easily connect to patients and family members to ensure important information is shared, understood and factored into decisions about care.

Verge stool by Steelcase

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